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TempleFit and Wellness Program may provide information related to exercise, diet and nutrition and is intended for your personal use and informational purposes only. You should consult with a physician before beginning any exercise, fitness, diet or nutrition routine. Especially if you are pregnant or if you have any preexisting health conditions. Nothing contained in this program should be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Your use of this program is solely at your own risk.


TempleFit & Wellness (“Company”) is providing the T.E.W. Plan (“Program”) to include the following services (“Services”):

-          Mindset Teaching & Discussion - Biblically based principles to shift mindsets (Think it)

-          Nutrition Teaching & Discussion (Eat it)

-          Fitness Teaching & Discussion and Workout (Work it)

-          Weekly accountability check-ins

-          Private Facebook support group 

-          Daily motivation


Our Services provide health and wellness information and is intended only to assist users in their personal health and wellness efforts and goals. Company is providing these Services as non-medical services and the Coaching is not medical coaching and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Nothing through the Coaching should be construed as such advice or diagnosis. You are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning this or any lifestyle-related effort or regimen. You represent that you are in good enough health to begin using our Services, which may include changes to your diet and/or physical activity, and/or other lifestyle related behaviors.


You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and, at our option, defend us and our affiliates, and our and their officers, directors, employees, stockholders, agents and representatives from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) arising from your improper use of Services (including, without limitation, the Coaching), your violation of this Agreement, or your infringement, or the infringement or use by any other user of your account, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity.


The Parties acknowledge that the existence and the terms of this Agreement and any oral or written information exchanged between the Parties in connection with the preparation and performance this Agreement are regarded as confidential information. Each Party shall maintain confidentiality of all such confidential information, and without obtaining the written consent of the other Party, it shall not disclose any relevant confidential information to any third parties, except for the information that: (a) is or will be in the public domain (other than through the receiving Party’s unauthorized disclosure); (b) is under the obligation to be disclosed pursuant to the applicable laws or regulations, rules of any stock exchange, or orders of the court or other government authorities; or (c) is required to be disclosed by any Party to its shareholders, investors, legal counsels or financial advisors regarding the transaction contemplated hereunder, provided that such shareholders, investors, legal counsels or financial advisors shall be bound by the confidentiality obligations similar to those set forth in this Section. Disclosure of any confidential information by the staff members or agencies hired by any Party shall be deemed disclosure of such confidential information by such Party, which Party shall be held liable for breach of this Agreement. This Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement for any reason.

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